Network Links & Status

Red - Off Line
Yellow - Limited
Green - Operational
ALBANY TX - 444.900 Mhz, Tone 114.8
CADDO/EASTLAND 444.725 Mhz, Tone 110.9
BRAZOS 2 mtrs 146.900 Mhz, Tone 110.9
BRAZOS 70cm 444.175Mhz, Tone 114.8
ALEDO TX - 443.200 Mhz, Tone 110.9
HAMILTON, TX 147.200 Mhz, Tone 88.5
FORT WORTH, TX 442.125 Mhz, Tone 156.7
ARLINGTON, TX 443.850 Mhz, Tone 110.9
PLANO, TX 444.175 Mhz, Tone 110.9
NEVADA, TX 442.600 Mhz, Tone 110.9
EMORY, TX 443.625 Mhz, Tone 151.4
PARIS, TX. 145.390 Mhz, Tone 114.8
SULPHUR SPRINGS TX. 444.825 Mhz, Tone 151.4
BONHAM, TX 443.750 Mhz, Tone 100.0
Wires Room 21151 Contact Mike K5MJD
EchoLink N5KOU-L EchoLink


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Our Mission -

The "North Central Texas Connection (NCTC)," is a continuing work in progress. Without you, the donors, our technical staff and the various repeater owners and trustees, this system could never exist.
Most of the system is interconnected either by (420 Mhz.) full duplex links or NXU's (Internet Extension Units "Wires & EchoLink").

Our primary objective is to provide a backup system for the National Weather Service and their weather spotters during times of inclement weather.

The secondary purpose is to provide for you the Amateur Radio Operator a way to communicate in the Dallas/ Ft.Worth metro area and the surrounding cities providing for technical talk and typical idletime chat.

Numerous long hours, weekends, donations of equipment and funding have allowed us to create this project. We hope you enjoy the system as much as we have enjoyed taking old equipment and giving it a new purpose. We look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy this valuable resource.



Thursday Evenings @ 20:30 Hours (8:30 P.M.)

Check in on any of the listed frequencies on the left pane @ 8:30 P.M. every Thursday evening.

Subscribe to the users group on yahoo: NCTCRadio yahoogroups - post photos, send & receive messages.

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If you would like to know more about the system, call or email:

David Stephens KB5WB or Jon Moon KA5HND

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